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SIA SEMFOPAY financial institution (registration number 40103306131) was founded on 12 of July, year 2010 and registered in Central Register of Payment Offices under No. SEMFOPAY operates its business in strict compliance with legislation of the Republic of Latvia, regulated by Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia. Regulator's website: www.FKTK.lv

SEMFOPAY combines advanced technologies with unique products, flexible pricing policies and individual approach to every Client. We are competent and highly professional team of banking and investment experts with international working experience in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS countries and the Middle East countries.

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Riga, Latvia, EU

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Products and Services

Opening current accounts
Private Banking services
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Opening of current accounts for individuals and legal entities, EU residents or non-residents. Each Customer is provided with an individual multi-currency IBAN current account. Customers with special requirements can benefit from the Private Banking services

Internet bank
Remote account management
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A convenient, up-to-date Internet bank system provides our Customers with round-the-clock access to current accounts and immediate information on incoming and outgoing payments

Payment cards
Visa | MasterCard | Virtual Card
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A payment card is a simple and reliable means of access to your funds in any country of the world. We offer international payment cards customized for any Customer, whether it is a small family or a transnational corporation

Currency exchange
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We provide currency conversion services through transactions with different performance dates Our customers can make currency transactions on individual terms in case the amount to be converted is over EUR 25 000 or equivalent

Money transfers
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Round-the-clock access to the Internet bank and flawlessly precise processing of internal, local and international payments. Individual fee schedules and special approach to every Customer

Payroll schemes
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A payroll scheme is a complex solution that facilitates the process of paying salaries, yielding a considerable benefit for the employer and maintaining the confidentiality of cash withdrawals from any cash dispenser around the world

Payment cards

A cutting-edge tool of your freedom


SEMFOPAY VIRTUAL CARD is the best solution allowing easy and safe purchase of goods and services from online stores all around the world. Virtual card can be obtained through the SEMFOPAY Internet bank and be ready for use within just one day.

Benefits of virtual card:

  • Card currency. EUR, USD, GBP, RUB.
  • Prompt issuance. Obtaining a virtual card takes much less time than a plastic card would – the card is ready for use within just one day.
  • Cost efficiency. Virtual card costs much less than its physical counterpart does. Apart from that, you do not have to pay for the delivery; all card details will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Mobility. You can pay for any goods and services, book air tickets and hotels and shop online from any location where Internet connection is available.
  • Security. Using virtual cards, you take much less risk of falling as a victim of fraud, as it is impossible to steal the card number and PIN.


SEMFOPAY PLATINUM CARD is Exclusive card with a wide range of features for existing Clients.

Benefits of a platinum card:

  • Card currency. EUR, USD, GBP, RUB.
  • Cash withdrawal. Cash withdrawal. Cash can be withdrawn from any cash dispenser/ ATM all around the world. Individual cash withdrawal limits for every Client.
  • Personal manager and concierge service: hotel room and restaurant table booking, air and railway ticket booking, provision of information in any country of the world.
  • Discounts and bonuses. Platinum card holders have access to a range of discounts for booking hotel rooms, air tickets, renting cars and shopping in malls.
  • Loyalty program. Platinum card holders can benefit from special discount programs offered by the partners of SEMFOPAY.
  • Declaring of funds. Funds on the card do not have to be declared when travelling abroad.

Open an account | Become Client

Individual approach to every Client

Our cooperation with the Client begins with opening a multi-currency current account (single IBAN account for all currencies). Usually, current account takes about 2-3 days to open. For our Clients, we can open current account within just few hours using the "EXPRESS OPENING" scheme. In this case, the account will be ready for use within 5 hours.

In order to start cooperating with SEMFOPAY, the Client or a legally authorised representative must either visit SEMFOPAY office (City of Riga) or contact one of our private banking managers, who will arrange visit for the Client, or call our Client phone line +371 28 65 3535.

We maintain strict adherence to the principles of "Know your Client" policy, which implies that we might require documents confirming the origins of funds and/or a more profound study of the economic operations carried out by the respective company or account owner. In each specific case, we reserve the right to request additional data or documents regarding the opening of a current account from any potential Client or deny the opening of an account with no reason given.

Opening of account for an individual. Documents required:

  • ID: Valid passport or ID card;

Opening of a corporate account. Documents required:

  • Full list of the company's original statutory / incorporation documents (e.g., the certificate of incorporation, the articles of association, etc.);
  • Documents confirming the authority to open and manage account on behalf of the company (e.g., a power of attorney, a certificate from the Register of Enterprises, minutes of a Board meeting, a resolution, etc.);
  • Documents confirming the beneficial owner's ownership of the company;
  • Valid passport or ID card;
  • For companies aged over 1 year: Apostilled Certificate of Good Standing Information pertaining to the notarization, apostillation and legalization of the corporate document list for companies registered outside Latvia shall be accepted and reviewed on an individual basis in each specific case, depending on the jurisdiction;

How to top your account

Fast and easy from anywhere around the world
In order to top up an account within the SEMFOPAY system, you have to transfer money to the SEMFOPAY LLC account, specifying the receiving account number as the purpose of payment:

Recipient SEMFOPAY
Address 57A - 4 Dzirnavu Street,Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
Registration number 40103306131
Bank details AS SWEDBANK
Account No.: LV81HABA0551029283441
Payment details Name of the recipient and the IBAN number of the recipient's account within the SEMFOPAY system

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57A - 4 Dzirnavu Street,
Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
(+371) 28 65 3535